Sunny lunch walk

The sun is shining here in Umeå. The campus is filled with excited, nervous and confused students. All the teachers focus on all the different things that need to be done this first, hectic week of the term. My own teaching period starts in November, but since I’m developing a new online course I started working with it some time ago. Earlier this week I was glad to receive an email saying that I had been granted a decent sum of money for a pedagogical project related to this course. Nice! Exactly what I wanted.

The project aims at “humanizing” our advanced online classes in the history of science and ideas, with the help of emergent web 2.0 tools, a more sophisticated use of videos, and by building visual consistency. In the project I’m lucky to work with curious and professional colleagues, and that is, perhaps, what I  look forward to most. Teachers need one another, and far too much of what we do, we do in isolation from each other. I’ll write more on this later.

But, instead of jumping into this new project, I should get back to my article on mindfulness neuroscience. No more procrastination! 


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