My first week in Glasgow


It is Sunday today, March 8, and I’ve been in Glasgow for a week now. (Time flies!) My strategy for “going native” has been to consume Scottish food products. When I go to the supermarket (which is an underestimated everyday activity for making observations and at the same time getting a sense of belonging) I look for those products you can’t find back home. So, I’ve bought Scottish porridge oats, tea blended in Edinburgh for (as it says on the cover) a “true taste of Scotland”, ready-made haggis (tasty, yummy) and a handful of caramel-mint drops that I like so much.

The other strategy I use is to walk a lot. I have so far not taken the subway, or travelled by bus. My sense of place gets completely disrupted when I travel like that, but if I walk from one place to another, memorizing all the buildings and the landscape, it is as if they become “my” quarters, in a way. My newly bought “sensible” German shoes also help. 🙂 I’m walking longer and longer distances, and today’s trip will be to visit Waterstones (big bookstore) on Argyle Street, and then continue to the majestic Cathedral.  I’m giving myself permission to act as a tourist during the weekends! On Monday it is back to work in my lovely office on number 4 University Gardens.


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