Gnome Home Studio



Gnome Home Studio is the English translation of the term “Tomtebo”, the name of the area in Umeå where I live with my family. Here I collect some of the (mostly digital) artefacts that I’ve created in my role as a university teacher and researcher. But sometimes it is just me, plain and simple, who’s speaking. On the right side you can find my Flickr photos and  videos that I’ve uploaded to my YouTube channel. I produce many educational videos as an online instructor, however most of them are not public. studio1 I’m also beginning to think about how to use both video, audio and images in more creative ways as part of doing research, presenting research, communicating research and engaging with others in a discussion about research. I can imagine many ways in which it would be possible to make academic life more transparent and less text-based through the use of video. I also think – and this is not less important –  it could be a fruitful way to infuse our work with more playfulness and creativity!








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